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Journal of the College of Languages

Constitute a scientific journal of the College of Languages important detail in scientific research by encouraging faculty to write research and studies and dissemination, both those intended for scientific or upgrade that aims to spread knowledge in the community.

Journal of College of Languages has taken confident steps towards the promotion of scientific research, by the regularity of their issuance, according to the schedule to her, as she re-formation of its advisory body and the editorial board to include all disciplines taught at the college as it was able to finance itself self itself, without having to allocate any funds from the total budget. Also renewed method of directing, design and atmosphere to be more elegant than before, and has made good interaction with the circles of the teaching staff and researchers from inside and outside the college, either through attracting them to post them or their dependence experts and arbitrators are doing research and studies.

The journal of languages is journal refereed semi-annual founded in 1994 by the College of Languages publishes research specialist in the field of literature and language and translation after that evaluates the research by a number of specialists in the same field, journal of College of Languages is the first platform that researchers used normally for the deployment of the latest They reached him from the results or to criticize and discuss research, published earlier results.