Author Guidelines


Journal of the College of Languages

A Peer Reviewed Journal

P-ISSN: 2074-9279

E-ISSN: 2520-3517

  1. The research paper should be authentic and of academic value and possible to be applied to solve a scientific, economic, social or knowledgeable problem. The title of the research paper should be written in the language of the research paper and in Arabic also.
  2. The name of the researcher, his academic title, his degree and his place of work should be written.
  3. Abstract of not more than (150) words in the language of the research paper should be written at the beginning of the research paper and the keywords should be written at the bottom of the abstract. The keywords should not be more than (5) words.
  4. Both English and Arabic abstracts should be written at the end of the research paper regarding the other languages ( not English ) and an Arabic abstract for the English research papers not more than (150 )words and with a sound language.
  5. Concerning other languages, the abstracts should be written in English and only the translation and the stamp of the Consultation Bureau are adopted.
  6. A biography of the researcher should be written after the references and should not be more than (50) words.
  7. The appendences should be placed after the references.
  8. The research paper should be printed with word 2007 or 2010 and put on CD as one file only , i.e. not to be separated on more than one file . Three sheet copies should be submitted to the editing committee .The tables and figures (if there be) should be technically valid design .
  9. The research paper should not be more than (25) pages of A4 size as a sheet paper and of B5 on the CD that equals USD 100.
  10. The researchers of our college should pay a publishing fee of (100,000) ID, the researchers which are not from our college should pay (150,000) ID and the foreign researcher should pay (200)$.
  11. The researcher should follow the following type and size of font :
  12. Arabic : font type (Arabic simplified) , font size for research title is (16) and content (body ) is (14)
  13. English : font type (Times New Roman) , font size for research title is (16) and content (body) is (14)

      Arabic and English abstracts should be written with font size (12).

  1. The margins should be (2,54) cm and the spaces (1) cm.
  2. In case of using Al- Maddina program, the researcher should be responsible for the Holy verses, therefore it is preferable to copy from the e-Qura’n that is available in the internet.
  3. The researcher shall be informed of the decision of the validity of publishing or not within a period of no more than two months from the date of submitting the research paper to the editing committee.
  4. The researcher should make the changes according to the reports that are sent to him from the referees .He should then provide a modified copy during a period not more than (15) days.
  5. The research papers will not be returned whether accepted or not.
  6. The major references and footnote references should be placed at the end of the research paper according to a unified indexing references system that is certified globally and the references should not be numbered.
  7. The research paper undergres a confidential assessment by two of the specialized references and then to be given to the third to take the final and appropriate decision.
  8. In addition to the previous terms, the postgraduate students should bring an approval of the supervisor according to the intended sample.
  9. The researcher will get two reprints of the research , and if he wishes to buy a journal , he should pay 20,000 ID
  10. The published research papers in the journal express the opinion of the researchers and not that of the journal.
  11. The journal is not obliged to publish the research papers that breach the above mentioned terms including ideological intgrity.